According to HonarOnline, quoting the Iran newspaper, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Seyyed Abbas Salehi, in his interview, pointed out that his ministry is considering several scenarios for the coming days and months, especially regarding whether or not the Fajr Film and Theater Festival will be held, Said: In March, we were faced with an unknown phenomenon in the cabinet, all the talks at that time were based on the knowledge and investigation of the Ministry of Health from that time, slowly, we were faced some ups and downs, and it is still not clear to what extent It will take time. Of course, it is not possible to plan accurately, and we can only prepare different scenarios for different situations to see what actions can be imagined in different situations and proceeded according to them. The first scenario was that if we faced the white situation of the country, festivals, and cultural events that could not be held in the first six months we would try to hold in the second six months and we even introduced the secretaries of the Fajr Film Festival. Today, however, it seems that with the current trend, the possibility of researching the first scenario has become almost impossible, and we have to focus on other scenarios in such circumstances. The summary of the conditions ahead will be completed by the end of August. In fact, if, pray to God, the situation moves in a direction that leads to a calmer situation, the festivals can be held in models that are appropriate to the current situation in the country. And if that does not happen, alternatives will be decided.

He also points to the significant increase in support for the Artists and Writers Support Fund in the past year: The growth, which according to statistics and its amount will be published soon and in a clear view, shows that we have been moving in this direction but Undoubtedly, we have not reached the end of the way and goal that we have in mind and There is still a lot of work to be done to bring a wider range of artists under the umbrella of this fund.