Quoted from Public Relations and International Affairs of Roudaki Foundation, in this meeting, Mr. Bahador Aminiyan high commissioner of Iran to Afghanistan with pointing cultural relations and level of Iranian artists in Afghanistan said: Afghanistan has a lot of potential for cultural interaction between the two countries, which needs to be strengthened especially considering the recent developments in this country. There is a lot of potential for presenting the works and performances of prominent Iranian artists in areas such as music that should be presented in the best possible way. He also stressed the place of Iranian poetry and literature in Afghanistan and the great capacity of the Iranian language for interaction between the two countries.

Mahdi Afzali CEO of Roudaki Foundation also mentioned about the mission of this foundation in the development of Iranian language and literature. 'This foundation is ready to hold joint events, including cultural weeks. We should try to strengthen the relationship between Farsi-speaking countries more than before, and the definition of common events can help in this regard' Mehdi Afzali said. Referring to the foundation's prediction in defining events in the protection and development of the Farsi language, Afzali stressed that this chapter can lead us to greater synergy between Farsi-speaking countries in the field of culture and art.

In the end, both sides discussed the limitations of holding actual events and web base services due to the limitations of the Coronavirus pandemic. Also decided to form an expert committee to provide cultural activity directions for the Roudaki Foundation in Afghanistan.