In meeting with Bakhti Sarvar ECO cultural institute's head and Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini Deputy Minister of art in ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, emphasis was placed on the cultural commonalities of ECO member countries, especially in the field of Farsi language and literature also during the meeting, the Deputy Minister of Arts emphasized the artistic capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran for joint cooperation.

Hosseini while introducing the subsets of the deputy for artistic affairs he mentioned his readiness to perform joint artistic events in various fields with the focus on the Roudaki Cultural and Artistic Foundation.

ECO cultural institute's head also welcomed the opportunity for bilateral cooperation, holding joint art events, especially in the field of music and theater.

Bakhti expressed his hope that bilateral cooperation in the form of a memorandum of understanding could lead to cultural harmonization between the ECO Cultural Institute and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This meeting was held in Vahdat Hall with the presence of Mahdi Afzali, CEO of Roudaki Foundation.