The second National Folk Music Festival of Iran will host the richest regional repertoires, said the scientific director of the event.

Damoon Sheshblooki added that the first edition was held before the outbreak of the coronavirus, adding that it lacked a research section which is considered in this year’s edition.

The event is slated to be held in the southwestern Iranian city of Shiraz, Fars Province, from May 15 to 20.

Organized by Avaye Honar Cultural Institute of Qashqai Tribe, the festival will represent traditional and folklore music from all over the country.

Music groups from various Iranian provinces including Lorestan, Shiraz, Gilan, Kurdestan, Mazandaran, Khuzestan and Kerman will stage their regional music, Sheshblooki noted.

In this edition, each region will present its top repertoires in terms of special maqams (a system of melodic modes used in traditional Persian music), vocal or instrumental melody, he added.

Speaking about the time of each performance, he said that unlike other festivals which have a limited time for each performance, this festival has no limit for the presentations.

Preservation of originality and the expansion of the rich Iranian culture are the main goals behind holding the festival.

Holding workshops, commemoration of top narrators, selecting top research papers and publishing the book of the festival are among other programs of the event.


Source: Iran Daily