Speaking about the membership, Norouzi said, “World peace has always been one of the main concerns of the group. The orchestra has recorded several activities in its portfolio to promote peace through the common language of the arts and music,” Mehr News Agency reported.

“The orchestra identified a number of Iran’s potentials to introduce the country’s arts and culture to the world,” he added.

Istgah Orchestra was founded in 2010 by consistent efforts of Norouzi and a group of graduate students in music and voice in Tehran. The very first idea to establish the Istgah Orchestra was based on filling the need of the music market by a private, independent and professional orchestra in Iran, according to istgahmusical.com.

The IPB has 300 member organizations in 70 countries, together with individual members, from a global network, bringing together knowledge and campaigning experience in a common cause.

It won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910 for acting as a link between the peace societies of various countries. Over the years, 13 of its officers have been recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.


Source: Iran Daily