The work is a collaboration between Shajarian and Iranian composer, Fardin Khal’atbari.Björn Meyer, Klaus Gesing, Carlo Niederhauser and Frederick Gill are the instrumentalists of the album.

The musical pieces were recorded in the Saba Institute of Iran and View Garden Studio in Austria.

The two artists have published several albums including ‘Tonight Sleep Alongside My Sonnets,’ based on the poems of the late poet Afshin Yadollahi. 

Shajarian and his ensemble ‘Siavash’ will stage a concert in Dubai on May 2.

The artist performed a number of concerts in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands since the beginning of the Iranian new year.

The son and protégé of legendary singer Mohammadreza Shajarian, Homayoun is considered by many as one of the pillars of contemporary Iranian music, just as his late father was.


Source: Iran Daily