Candidates for the competitive part of the festival being introduced in the fields below mentioned; Composing classical music, performing regional music, singing regional music, performing non-verbal instrumental music, composing oral instrumental music, singing instrumental music, composing and performing non-verbal pop and fusion sections, composing pop and fusion section, pop and fusion section singing, composing and Performing the non-verbal contemporary and orchestral, composing the contemporary and orchestral verbal parts, singing the contemporary and orchestral and the best publisher. Also the special award section proposed by the committee Selections for this course were added to the festival and introduced.

Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi, Mohammad Reza Tafazli, Bahram Dehghaniar, Ehsan Zabihifar, Amir Abbas Satayeshgar, Mohammad Mehdi Sayar, Ali Samadpour, Mohammad Ali Merati along with Hassan Riahi, the festival secretary, were introduced as the selection committee for the thirty-seventh Fajr Music Festival.