Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in his message to the 15th National Festival of Young Music, said: Music has always been one of the artistic manifestations of societies and nations from the beginning until now and as an effective spiritual rhetoric, representing the great feelings and souls of nations. The preservation and protection of this unique heritage, which has been derived from the coexistence and association of cultures, beliefs and social identity of the people of this land for many years, is going on with the support of its brilliant and shining history.

The competence and discovery of our children’s talents in the art of music, backed by the experience and experience of professors and veterans in this field, promises the continuity and growth of music in all parts of Iran.

The message reads: The 15th page of the National Festival of Young Music is the arena of brilliance for teenagers and young people who walk for the pride and honor of Islamic Iran to be worthy ambassadors to introduce the identity of culture and art of our beloved country. The participation of prominent and compassionate professors and artists in the form of a jury finds meaning and credibility by observing professional and ethical principles in judging, who are always the guarantors and guardians of this golden leaf with their presence, and we owe their compassion and valuable experiences.

The wide presence of teenagers and young people from all over Iran and the diversity of the presence from different regions and ethnicities is a very happy place because it has created a rainbow of originality, creativity and ability in this festival to continue its presence promising a bright future of culture and Be the art of our beloved Iran.

Wishing the increasing success of the artists participating in this festival, I sincerely thank the professors and judges of the 15th National Festival of Young Music and the efforts of the esteemed secretary of the festival and the organizers.

The 15th National Festival of Young Music under the auspices of Hooman Asadi and the wide participation of Iranian music teachers with the support of the Music Office and the Artistic Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, is being held by the Iranian Music Association in collaboration with the Roudaki Foundation.