The unveiling ceremony of the book “Symphonies and Concertos by Dmitry  Shestakovich” written by David Herowitz and Amir Hossein Ramezani will be held at 5:00 PM on Friday, November 20, at Roudaki Hall in Tehran.

Nader Mashayekhi (composer and conductor), Mohammad Reza Tafazli (composer, faculty member of Tehran University of Arts), Arman Norouzi (composer and university lecturer) and Amir Hossein Ramezani (author of the book) are among the artists who spoke about this research work during the ceremony. Meanwhile, pianist Soroush Sadeghi and cellist Yasman Koozegar will also perform works by Dmitry Shestakovich.

The book is co-authored by David Herwitz (musicologist, music critic and professor at Brooklyn College of Music) and Amir Hossein Ramezani (composer, researcher and lecturer at the University and Conservatory of Music) and was recently published by Nay and Ney. The English version of the book will soon be published by Amadeus Publishing in the United States and Canada.