The text of the message is as follows:

“The music of the regions of Iran is an expressive and silent example of cultural diversity and multiplicity, which is connected with the history and cultural and social geography, rituals and life of the people and has continued to the love, purity of the hearts of the people and artists of Iran from the past to the current. And through this, the music lights of the districts are still on. Iran Regional Music Festival is one of the platforms that shows the liveliness of regional music and it is possible to think about its future. The music of the regions of Iran is rooted in the past and is a cultural and artistic heritage, but reflection on how, maturity and coexistence with society in the future also depends on an accurate and deep knowledge of the past. Artists and music veterans of the regions of Iran have inherited this art so far, which is worthy of their respect at every level. The memory of the artists who have passed away from us is also lasting for good. With the hope that young artists will be promising in the bright days of music in the regions of Iran and will be able to continue the path of the original greats in this field., the fourteenth festival with the theme “Unity in the musical plurality of Iranian ethnic groups” Based on axes tradition, originality and Intra-ethnic creations take place. Several groups from every corner of this colourful land announced their readiness to participate in the festival and entered. We hope that with the lifting of health restrictions and the development of facilities, the conditions will be created for the presence of more artists in future courses, and the government increases support for regional music artists. To all those involved in this art event, festival director, Hard-working colleagues in the General Directorate of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Kerman Province, Iranian Music Association and Kerman Music Association, I greet the music artists of the regions of Iran and the hard-working researchers in this field, and I wish increasing brilliance in the field of creating works of art”.

Mohmoud Shalouie

The Acting Deputy Minister of Arts in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance