The crossover classical new age band Lyra Duet won a gold medal for their debut album “Tehran-Mars”, which was released in 2016, and went on to win the Iranian Music House Award for the classical/new age album of the year.

The duet has been created by Arash Hazhirazad, a pianist, keyboardist and composer, and violinist Yeganeh Hosseininia. 

The duet heralded its serious musical career in 2010 with a classical piano and violin recital held at the German Speaking Evangelical Congregation in Tehran.

The group has performed a large repertoire of notable works of Western classical music for piano and violin during concerts in Tehran and other Iranian cities. 

Their curiosity and enthusiasm for new experiences drove them to add new flavors to their already established ensemble by creating their own music. 

They use drums, synthesizers and electronic soundscapes, drawing upon their knowledge of classical music to produce a sound that represents their dual passion for music and astronomy. 

Lyra tries to cross the boundaries between genres by creating music, which is easy to understand but hard to forget. 

Their second album titled “8'20"” released in 2019 is a musical journey from the sun to the earth at the speed of light, the group has said. 

The group also received a silver medal for their 2021 album “Vakil Bazaar” featuring contemporary folk music.

Singer Ali Puyania’s orchestral song “Awaiting” also won a silver medal, while composer Mehrdad Delnavazi was awarded a silver medal for “Rhapsody for Ney and Orchestra”.

Moslem Alipur also received a silver medal for his contemporary Persian music “Rara”.

A bronze medal was awarded to pop singer Amir-Hossein Nuri for his single “Some Years Later”.

Source: Tehran Times