In this album Hadi Montazeri cooperated on kamancheh (spiked fiddle), Haman Khalili on tar (Iranian long-necked lute family instrument), Mehdi Valizadeh on ney (end-blown flute), Farima Movafaqi on kamancheh, Marjan Ragheb on santour (stringed instrument of the hammered dulcimer), Vahid Rabiepour on daf (Iranian frame drum) and dayereh (medium-sized frame drum with jingles), Mehdi Daryabari on tar, Chakad Fesharaki on kamancheh, Soheilollah Dadian on zarb (goblet drum), Farzad Mousavi on tar and Hojjat Farajian on oud (short-neck lute-type), ISNA wrote.

The pieces were made by prominent composer Khalili.

This album has been produced with the recording of Yaser Fallahpour, mix master of Hami Haqiqi, graphics of Mehdi Taqehchian and the photos of Mehdi Mohammad-Khani in Pajvak Music Studio of Tehran’s Art Bureau.

The album consists of nine tracks whose songs and compositions are in dastgah-e chahargah (a musical modal system in traditional music and one of the seven dastgah of Persian music.)


Sourcr: Iran Daily