Despite the fact that the Corona epidemic shut down the vast majority of music events in 2020, the art of music is so widespread that important events took place in this strange year, and some of these events were widely reflected viral.

Awarding the High Medal of Art for Peace

'The Books for Peace Commission' unanimously recognizedLoris Tjeknavorian as worthy of receiving the Commission's Special 2020 Award and presented it to him.

Alireza Ghorbani International Cooperation

In recent years, Iranian singer Alireza Ghorbani has started a project in which he sings with singers from different countries of the world. On the one hand, this project introduces Iranian music to the international community, and on the other hand, it makes the Iranian audience more familiar with foreign artists. In 2020, the victim went through various international experiences. One of these experiences is Alireza Ghorbani's collaboration with the Gibran Trio, a Palestinian trio that has been active since 2004. They are prominent oud players. Ghorbani previously published "Rababi" with the accompaniment of Alim Qasimov, the most famous singer from Azerbaijan.

Orki's presence at the Oscars

Among the Oscar nominees is Sattar Oraki, the composer of the two Oscar-winning films "Separation" and "The Salesman." In addition to writing a lot of music for films, he has a history of collaborating with singers such as Alireza Ghorbani, Mohammad Isfahani, etc.

The Fate of the National Music Day in Iran

After the death of Mohammad Reza Shajarian, the director of the House of Music at the funeral of this master of singing proposed Shajarian's birthday as the national day of music for the first time and then published on the website of the House of Music. But a few days after the announcement, a text signed by 30 musicians was published. Finally, on December 7th, the House of Music published an article on its website, quoting some famous musicians such as Abdolvahab Shahidi, Shahram Nazeri, and some other that they either withdrew their signatures or did not sign the letter at all. The fate of naming the National Music Day of Iran is still unknown, and new news in this field will probably be published next year.

Hot Market for Online Concerts

With the outbreak of the Corona virus, most cultural and artistic programs were shut down due to compliance with health protocols. Some music artists decided to hold online concerts after the closure of live performances, and so far many artists, including Kayhan Kalhor, Homayoun Shajarian, etc., have held online concerts.

Popular Welcome to Kalhor's Free Performances

Kayhan Kalhor was one of the artists who decided to hold an online concert on Corona days several times during the last year so as not to distance himself from his fans in this situation. He performed all his online concerts on virtual platforms for free.

the 36th Fajr Music Festival

The performances of this period of the festival were broadcast virtually. The festival featured a total of 42 performances by 464 local artists and 11 international artists. This year's international section also hosted two groups from Germany, two groups from Austria, one group from Italy and one group from Cuba.

The Global Success of Iranian Musicians

announcing the results of the Global Music Awards world competition, "Ahmad Mir Masoumi", Quintet Tehran Group, "Mehrzad Khajeh Amiri", "Syria" music group and Also the joint album of "Hesam Naseri" and "Joshkon Karadmir", Turkish musicians received silver medals. "Hesam Naseri" and "Muslim Alipour" are the bronze medal winners of this competition.