Candidates for the competitive part of the festival being introduced in the fields below mentioned; Composing classical music, performing regional music, singing regional music, performing non-verbal instrumental music, composing oral instrumental music, singing instrumental music, composing and performing non-verbal pop and fusion sections, composing pop and fusion section, pop and fusion section singing, composing and Performing the non-verbal contemporary and orchestral, composing the contemporary and orchestral verbal parts, singing the contemporary and orchestral and the best publisher.

Composing Classical Music

Mehran Badakhshan For the album “Sketches”

Reza Kahrizi For the album “From him”

Alireza Mashayekhi For the album “2015 Medal”

Kaveh Mirhosseini For the album “Illumination”

Performing Regional Music

Emad Tohidi and Hossein Nazari For the album“Bruise Song”

Mohammad Salmabadi For the album “Avay Sahra”

Hamzeh Moghadam For the album “Hamzeh Sia”

Jamshid Nikouzad For the album “Bigamon”

Singing Regional Music

Abolhasan Khoshrou For the album “Taleba and Epic music of Mazandaran”

Nur Mohammad Dorpour For the album “Dordane”

Mohioddin Shabbani For the album “Daryabo Daryab”

Parviz Nezakati For the album “Vanusheh”

Performing Non-Verbal Instrumental Music

Siamak Jahangiri For the album “ Dar Rag Tak”

Hamidreza Khabbazi For the album “The Last Tomorrow”

Hooshmand Ebadi For the album “Fifer”

Bahare Fayyazi For the album “Afra”

Composing Oral Instrumental Music

Siamak Jahangiri For the album “That very Nay I Am”

Ehsan Abaee For the album “Az Sarasar Be Gozashte”

Bahman Faryaders For the album “ Fly and Song”

Hooman Mahdavian For the album “Rainless Garden ”

Singing Instrumental Music

Mehdi Emami For the album " That very Nay I Am"

Vahid Taj For the album " Fly and Song"

Mojtaba Asgari For the album " Ashiran"

Hosein  Alishapour For the album " Cheghadr Ze khish Dooram "

Composing and Performing Non-Verbal Pop and Fusion Sections

Hooman Shirali For the album " Tensioned in the Sound"

Saeed Gharib and Shahram Moayedoi For the album " Unspoken a dream"

Mostafa Ghannat For the album "Dove Nest Tower"

Arash Hazhirazad For the album "Tehran, Mars"

Composing Pop and Fusion Section

Omid Nemati and Sadegh Tasbihi For the album "Herman"

Damahi For the album "Dar Man Bro Shekar"

Amir Balafshan and Nima Ramezan For the album "Balzan"

Pouya Kolahi For the album "Tavoose Par Basteh"

Pop and Fusion Section Singing

Omid Nemati and Sadegh Tasbihi For the album "Herman"

Reza Koleghani For the album "Dar Man Bro Shekar"

Amir Balafshan and Nima Ramezan For the album "Balzan"

Pouya Kolahi For the album "Tavoose Par Basteh"

Composing and Performing the Non-Verbal Contemporary and Orchestral

Pouya Babaali For the album " Dor Dastha"

Behzad Abdi For the album " Suit For Qanoon And String Orchestra"

Reza Vali For the album " Sorena"

Composing the contemporary and Orchestral Verbal Parts

Amir Pourkhalaji For the album " Who is love"

Hamed Hafezi and Hossein Fazal For the album " Az Bargha"

Salman Salek and Abbas Azad For the album " Guhar-e-Jan"

Sivash Valipour  For the album " The Wandering Man's chant"

Singing the Contemporary and Orchestral

Pouria Akhavass for the album "The Wandering Man's chant"

Vahid Taj For the album "Az Bargha"

Mehdi  Nazari For the album "Assodeh Khater"

The Best Publisher

Kherad Art House For Ali Samadpour

Tlesk For Arjang

Mahoor For Mohammad Mossavi

Nasim Mehr Ava For Mohammad Gholami

The jury of "Barbad Award" of this period has examined and evaluated the musical productions in the period of September 2017-2020.