Born in 1971, Esbati was a tanbur (long-necked fretted lute played under various names from the Balkans to northwestern Asia) and divan (a stringed musical instrument) player.

Esbati began the pursuit of music in 1985 when he began to play the tanbur under the direction and guidance of Seyyed Khalil Alinejad, whose teachings further inspired him to learn to play other instruments.

Until 2013, he had composed over 40 theatrical and film music pieces.

Esbati was the husband of Iranian actress Nassim Adabi who starred in the widely-watched series ‘Shahrzad,’ directed by Hassan Fat’hi.

Several figures including Iran’s Music Office director Mohammad Allahyari, Iranian actresses Anahita Hemmati, Samaneh Pakdel, Fatemeh Goudarzi among others condoled the death of the Iranian artist.

Source: Iran Daily