The music video titled ‘Qanun Accompaniment’ was released upon Syrian musician Mahdi Khalaf’s recommendation.

The qanun is a string instrument played either solo, or more often as part of an ensemble, in much of the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Central Asia, and southeastern regions of Europe.

The musical piece was recorded in Turkey and was mixed and mastered by Hatam Mohsen in Egypt.

Mokhtari is a young musician who has always tried to promote the qanun’s techniques in Iran.

Accordingly, he had studied these techniques among musicians from other countries.

Doğan, who is a member of Taksim Trio ensemble, is a great player of the qanun who is now one of the most famous musicians in the East.

Taksim Trio is one of Istanbul’s amazing musical phenomena, a super group of three top quality musicians (Husnu Seniendirici, Ismail Tuncbilek, and Aytaç Doğan). The three virtuosos, schooled in gypsy culture, are naturally open to horizons beyond those of the Bosporus.

Source: Iran Daily