TEHRAN.(HONARONLINE)- Shahrzaad Symphony, composed by Aminollah Andre Hossein was performed by a symphony orchestra led by Nozhat Amiri and performed by 30 Iranian women musicians.

The music video of "Shahrzaad" Symphony was released with the performance of the Symphony Orchestra of the Motherland's Ladies and a tribute to the sacrifices of the medical staff in the fight against Corona and in support of peace, friendship and health of the human race. Nasrin Enayat Mehr, the project manager, released this news to the media and said:

'This work was completed in September 2020, after months of unremitting efforts in difficult and risky conditions of Corona and going through many stages of carrying out a cultural-artistic project. We would like to thank the Roudaki Cultural and Artistic Foundation and the Office of Music Affairs and the people who had a good cooperation with us in the process of producing the music video for the Shahrzaad Symphony'.

In the end, she thanked and appreciated the presence of artists and musicians who, in addition to financial aspects, joined the work with a value-creating perspective, as well as the director, his patience and double energy of the editor.