The content of Seyyed Abbas Salehi's message:

"The late -Mohammad-Reza Shajarian departing from this world caused deep sorrow and grief. Shajariyan is the face of original Iranian music and one of the symbols of the artistic identity of this land. Various aspects of the late master, along with his unique intelligence in choosing the right treasure of Persian poetry and literature, immortalized his song and music.

An important part of Iranian literature with his song reached the ears and souls of the young and adolescent generation and introduced them to the wisdom and literature of this rich land. Master's song is the history of Iranian feelings and mood in the last half century. His works are a reflection of regrets and hopes,

Concerns and attachments, and in a word, the mood of people in our country. I would like to send my condolences to the great artistic community of the country, to the general public, and especially to the family of Master Shajariyan, for the loss of this precious artist. I pray to God Almighty for eternal mercy and peace for the deceased and for the patience and forbearance of the honorable survivors".