“The festival has been organized to help preserve and promote Iran’s rich regional music and encourage the youth to learn contemporary music, while also reviving the island’s tourism,” secretary of the festival Hamid Hadi has said.

“The festival can also lead to increased empathy and friendship among Iranians of different ethnicities through Iranian regional music,” he said.

“Innovation in ritual music as well as traditional music, songs and melodies are the main topics of the festival,” he said.

The submitted works will be selected by a team of prominent Iranian regional musicians, and the top works will have performances on the island during the festival running from November 9 to 13.

He also said that there are additional facilities for neighboring Persian Gulf countries to participate in the festival.

The organizers have also dedicated a section to honor veteran regional musicians and researchers. 

“Interested applicants can submit their works to the secretariat of the festival before October 11,” he concluded.

Source: Tehran Times