In the first part of the program, Seyyed Arash Shahriari ( tambourine player) and Farooq Rahmani (percussion player) from  Kermanshah performed.

The tambourine is one of the oldest stringed instruments in Iran, Which is originally for Kermanshah and backs to thress thousand years ago.

Unlike the tambourine, which is a local and Iranian instrument, the Bendir percussion instrument is known as a traditional instrument in North Africa,  Ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia. This instrument is mainly used in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and sometimes in Egypt.

In the second part of the program,  Lorestan music was duetted by Ehsan Abdipour(Sorna player) and Haidar Ahmadi (Tombak).

The Sorena has a long history and is the first instrument of the Lor people and one of the oldest instruments in Iran.

The Tombak is one of the most technical and ancient percussion instruments which has rhythms that are perfectly in tune with musical instruments.

The performances of the first online regional music concerts, which will continue until August 26, will be accompanied by groups from Khorasan, Khuzestan, and Azerbaijan in the coming nights at the same place.

This series of concerts is held by By support of the Music division of the Deputy Minister of Arts under the spotlight of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in cooperation with the Grand Bazaar of Iran.