The tour has been organized by Iran’s embassies in Warsaw and Lisbon to observe the registration of the traditional skills of crafting and playing the dotar in Iran on the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2019, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Wednesday.

The tour began with performances in several Polish cities in early February.

They performed another concert at the Ismaili Center in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon during the second leg of their tour on Tuesday. The duo has previously performed in Faro, Portugal’s southernmost city.

They will have their next stop in Darmstadt, a city near Frankfurt in southwest Germany, and Munich.

Geneva and Bern in Switzerland will also host performances by the group.

Dotar, a string instrument with a pear-shaped body, is mostly played in folk performances common in Torbat-e Jaam and nearby regions in North Khorasan Province.

Source: Tehran Times