The director of the Mazandaran Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Abbas Zare, confirmed Khoshru’s death in a press release published on Sunday.

“Master Khoshroo carried in his heart the songs and melodies, which were linked to the lives and hearts of people,” he said.

“He made great efforts in transferring these songs to the younger generation and helped introduce the original local music of Mazandaran rooted in the rich culture and history of the region,” he noted.

Khoshroo was born into a musician family. His father, Abutaleb, was a singer and ney virtuoso. Along with his brothers, Farajollah, a santur player, and Abdollah who plays kamancheh, he established an ensemble. His friend, Ahmad Mohsenpur, who played violin, joined the band, which recorded memorable songs for the Mazandaran Radio. 

“Hojabr Soltun” was his first album. He had a smash hit with his first single titled “Mashti”. As a result, many people in Mazandaran called him “Mashti”. 

He also sang pieces for the albums “Mazandaran Epic and Ritual Music” composed by Nabi Ahmadi and “Cham” by Siavash Talebi.

Source:Tehran Times