He made the remarks in his recent visit to the festival’s Headquarter on Thursday, the culture ministry announced on Friday.

“Good and precise planning is a form of respect to the guests of the festival, and this year the team of organizers has shown good discipline and that they can be good hosts as in previous years,” he added.

Pointing to the recent events in the country, the minister said that the organizers have made worthy efforts to finalize the last program, which is an indication of good programming.

He also emphasized that the recent floods in Sistan-Baluchestan Province, which have caused damage in the region, need to be taken into consideration as a national topic.

An unprecedented heavy rainfall, which began on January 10, has led to flash flooding in the southern provinces, including Sistan-Baluchestan.

The minister also noted that fine foreign musicians and ensembles have been invited to the festival with several foreign musicians in attendance, something which indicates that Iran is still a safe country.

“Iran has been through many sad events in the past month, and the festival needs to bring back the feeling of a normal life to the country,” he concluded.

The 35th Fajr Music Festival will be running from February 13 to 19 in Tehran.

Source:Tehran Times