Pashayev, who is the conductor and art director of the Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Folk Instruments, made the remarks in a press conference at Tehran’s Rudaki Hall on Monday.

He is in Tehran to conduct Iran’s National Orchestra in a performance titled “Azerbaijani-Iranian Music Night” at Vahdat Hall on January 16.

“I know that Dehlavi was a celebrated composer and very popular in his country. He made great endeavors for the music of Iran and has written many beautiful pieces,” Pashayev said.

“I am planning to perform the compositions we have selected for the Tehran concert for a performance in Azerbaijan, because I believe these compositions need to be performed and heard more and more,” he added.

Dehlavi was mostly famous for “Sabokbal”, “Bijan and Manijeh” and many other compositions that connect traditional Iranian music with Western classical music.

“I believe many good musicians have been gathered in Iran, and it is a pleasure for me to collaborate with them,” said Pashayev, who accompanied Iran’s National Orchestra during a concert at the Fajr Music Festival in 2019.

He noted that he hopes he will be able to give other performances in both countries. 

Vocalist Fakhri Kazim Nijat and tar player Sahib Pashazadeh, both from Azerbaijan, will accompany the orchestra during the performance.

“Asgarin Ariyasi”, “Sana da Qalmaz”, “San Siz”, “Ayriliq”, “Karanful”, “In Memory of Saba” and “Shur Afarin” will be performed during the concert.

Source: Tehran Times