A repertoire of Persian and Kurdish folk music will be performed during the concert.

The ensemble led by Hossein Rezainia and Mahur Roshan features a number of musicians including  Arian Rezai, Negar Ezazi, Milad Abbasi, Fardin Lahurpur, Hassan Mekaniki and Hossein Qasemzadeh on daf and ney.

Kamkar, who is the lead singer of the Kamkars Ensemble, will accompany the group as the vocalist and daf player.

The Kamkars, led by Hushang Kamkar, is a Kurdish family of seven brothers and a sister, who have performed numerous concerts in the country and around the world. They have released a number of music albums including In Memory of Hafez, Darya, In Memory of Saba, Living Fire, Nightingale with a Broken Wing, Chant of Drums and Music From Kurdistan.

Source: Tehran Times