The winners of the various sections were announced during the ceremony, which was attended by a number of cultural officials and musicians.

In the group performance section, Nuance Ensemble led by Puria Rahmani received first prize as it was followed by Aras Ensemble led by Nilufar Karimi and Avin Ensemble led by Maryam Golsorkhi.

Suzidel Ensemble led by Mehran Hosseini took first place in the section of Moludi Khani, a poem reciting ritual that is performed to celebrate the birthdays of the Prophet Muhammad (S), his household and Imams.  

In this section, Bidel Ensemble led by Ali Puratai and Mohammad Rasulullah Ensemble led by Farid Mansuri received second and third prizes respectively.

Erfan Moradi won first prize in the men’s solo performance category, while Siran Adibfar received first prize in the women’s solo performance section.

Taimaz Mohseni was named best player in the boys’ solo performance category and Mahtab Keramati was picked as best player in the girls’ solo performance section.

The Navaye Rahmat International Daf Festival is held every year in Sanandaj, which is considered as the birthplace of the daf instrument.

Music ensembles from Iran as well as groups from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan performed in various categories of this year’s edition of the festival with the motto of Art, Unity and Kindness.

Source: Tehran Times