A repertoire composed of pieces by the two musicians will be performed during the concert, Iranian tar player Salar Zamanian, who is the leader of the ensemble, said in a press release on Saturday.

The concert will also feature a number of memorable pieces from Azerbaijani composers.

“Imanov is a young musician who is a master at tar performing,” Zamanian said and added, “It’s great to be with a famous musician of the country during the concert.”

“Iran and Azerbaijan have a lot in common and we are happy to be performing with a renowned musician of the country in a joint concert,” he noted.

Zamanian ensemble features Behnam Abolqasem on piano, Tina Jamegari and Nima Zahedi on violin, Dariush Hejazi on viola and Atena Eshtiaqi on cello.

The concert will be repeated in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz in the near future. The group also plans to perform in several other Iranian cities.

Source: Tehran Times