Vahid Taj and conductor Ali-Akbar Qorbani will accompany the orchestra during the concerts, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced in a press release on Monday.

Rehearsals are underway at Tehran’s Rudaki Hall under the supervision of maestro Farhad Fakhreddini, the former conductor of the National Orchestra.

Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Mojtaba Hosseini attended a rehearsal of the orchestra on Sunday and held talks with Qorbani and Fakhreddini.

“The skills of the master [Fakhreddini] and the commitment of Mr. Qorbani have allowed them to prepare a repertoire that will well-represent Iranian music in Kazakhstan,” Hosseini said in briefing on the orchestra’s program.

Part of the soundtrack from “Avicenna”, director Keyhan Rahgozar’s 1985 TV series on the Iranian scientist who lived during 10th and 11th centuries, is one of the highlights of the repertoire.    

The performances will be carried out based on a memorandum of understanding signed between Iran and Kazakhstan during August 2017 when Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture and Sports, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, paid a visit to Tehran.

The Spirit of Astana will be held from July 6 to 8.

Source: Tehran Times