The day is commemorated each year to remember May 24, 1982, the fateful day in the Iran-Iraq 1980-88 war in which Iranian troops recaptured the southwestern port city of Khorramshahr which is in Khuzestan Province from the invading Iraqi forces while sustaining heavy casualties.

Written by poet and lyricist Hossein Safa, the song laments the oppression and loneliness of Khuzestan from the days of the military hostilities up until the present day afflictions of draught and dust storms, Honaronline reported it on its Persian website.

The song, composed and produced by Chavoshi, begins with parts of a popular sad Persian song “Mammad Naboodi” (Mammad [colloquial variant of Mohammad], you were not there) performed by Gholam Koveitipour, which is about Mohammad Jahanara, the commander who was one of the last few fighters to leave Khorramshahr when it fell to the invading Iraqi forces. 

Source:Financial Tribune