Addressing reporters, producer Chahel said: Kumar has a track record of some 6,700 songs. Many of these songs have created a lot of memories for people living in the region. Delshad Sheikh is one of the new talents of the Indian music industry. He has made songs for movies like Mohammad, Daughter of Satan, Salam Bombay, and Beyond the Clouds. We decided to bring him over here for a face-to-face interaction with our Iranian audiences.

Chahel added: We have mixed the older and younger generation of Indian musicians and the hope is that their performance with the Iranian orchestra would yield a favorable result for future cooperation. The idea behind the concert is to remind us all that Iran and India share cultural commonalities that date back many centuries ago. Concerts and events like this will help strengthen our deep-seated cultural relations.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Chahel said: Iranian audiences are not familiar with Indian language. But they connect themselves with Indian culture through the language of music. We also are not that much familiar with Persian language. But we also know your culture from your music, which we pretty much enjoy.

Also speaking, Delshad Sheikh said: This concert is an important experience for me and my band. It will help prepare ourselves for much better concerts in future. This concert could be a turning point for further cooperation between Iranian and Indian artists.