Speaking to Honaronline, the Italian fashion expert said the only way to globalize the Iranian industry is to adjust itself to global standards: The industry here lacks technical and academic training of all skill levels, including the way that your embroidery designs sew out and look – particularly in color.

Bardoza added: During the workshops I came to realize that many students were making habitual mistakes, mistakes that are costing them time and money. They were shocked when we told them to do things differently, using a kit containing a printed linen sampler, an embroidery hoop, threads and stitch instructions. They had to learn the A-Z of stitches through typographic hand-embroidery. At the beginning, it was hard for them. But they gradually learned to get along with our methods.

According to the Italian fashion expert, younger students were slower than their older counterparts in adjusting themselves to the new environment: That says why more needs to be done in training workshops. We talked about modern methods and forms and few participations were familiar with. However, they had the talent to pick up things fast and do them differently.

On the embroidery art in Sistan and Bluchestan, Barboza said it is beautiful but they use too many colors: These colors appeal to this part of the world. These are happy colors but not that much interesting to Western people and consumers. More needs to be done to change that. They must be toned down in order to appeal to international audiences and consumers.

The 8th edition of the Fajr International Festival of Fashion and Closing was held from 14 to 17 February 2019 for the first time in Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan province, in the south east of Iran to display Iranian art at international level.

The eighth edition hosted 18 countries from Asia and Europe. Tunisia, Singapore, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Italy, Syria, Oman, France, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Spain and Indonesia attended the festival. Several fashion workshops were also held besides the main event.