There will be 120 publishers of Arabic books represented by 86 participants, and 260 publishers of books in other foreign languages at the fair represented by 46 participants.

Foreign publishers are coming from the Netherlands, UK, US, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Japan, India, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt.

Information about the estimated 92,000 foreign books at the 30th edition is uploaded on the website of the Iranian Cultural Association of International Publishers Representatives.

For details about the foreign books coming to the fair, enthusiasts can log on, Mehr News Agency reported.

Visitors can look for a desired book by typing the subject, author’s name, publisher’s name or release date. The result will be given in the form of a downloadable list or an excel file.

Of the 92,000 foreign books, 7,000 titles are in Arabic and the rest are in other languages. 48,000 of the non-Arabic books have been released in 2017 and the past three years.

Human sciences, with 33,000 titles, comprise the largest part of the foreign books. The second largest subject is art with 15,000 titles. Next comes medicine with 12,000 titles, followed by basic sciences, technical subjects and engineering, each with over 11,000 titles. Finally, there are over 1,000 encyclopedic titles to be presented at this year’s event.

It will be the second time that Sun City is hosting the TIBF. A discount of at least 10% is considered for the foreign books.

The Cultural Association of Foreign Publishers’ Representatives is a non-profit organization founded in Tehran in 2004. It functions as a coordinating body between the representatives of foreign publishers in Iran. With 28 members, it supplies over 80% of the foreign books used or referred by the people, universities and research institutions.

Source: Financial Tribune