Translated by Farid Javaherkalam, the book was originally published in 2013. Qoqnus is the publisher of the Persian edition.

“The Victorian Era” is from Lucent’s World History series, which examines the eras, events, civilizations and movements that have shaped human history, providing readers with insight into the past and its many legacies.

This title provides an overview of the era named for the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837 to 1901, a time of vast social, political and technological change.

The Victorian era takes its name from Queen Victoria, who ruled over Great Britain during a time of revolution, popular emancipation from monarchical rule, metric industry growth, urban decay and imperial expansion. 

This compelling edition examines the events and the eccentric personalities of the Victorian era. Chapters present relevant topics in accessible language, maps and timelines to facilitate student research. 

Topics analyzed in this edition include the new world under Queen Victoria, innovations in technology and industrialization, the splendor and the abuses of Victorian England, various reform movements, life and leisure, and the eventual decline of the Victorian era.

Source:Tehran Times