Originally published in 1969, the book was translated by Mehdi Shahshahani into Persian.

Kalle Wirsch, king of the earth manikins, rules over the 5 peoples: Wirschs (blond), Wolds (blue-eyed), Gilchs (two little plaits), Trumps (green and black-haired) and Murks (red plaits). 

Zoppo Trump, chief of the Trumps, wants to challenge Kalle Wirsch for a duel for the kingdom. According to earth manikin laws the royal dignity appertains to the winner. The fight shall be fought at full moon at the earth manikin’s stronghold Wiwogitrumu castle.

Zoppo Trump wants to gain royal dignity without a fight. So he tries to thwart Kalle Wirsch from reaching the fighting ground by setting several traps. 

The plans for the traps are made by Rat, whom Zoppo promised a ministerial portfolio. The plans are conducted by awkward Trumps, Querro and the Spider.

The conspirators of Zoppo kidnap Kalle to the earth’s surface where he is baked into a garden gnome. 

Thanks to human children Jenny and Max, he is freed from his incarceration. With the root Raxel, the kids are shrunk to follow Kalle into the inner recesses of the earth. 

During the journey to the earth manikin’s stronghold, Kalle and the children escape further traps and obstacles. 

Kalle even has to vanquish Murrumesch the Dragon before he can reach the stronghold in the belly of a fireworm. To Zoppo’s dismay, the fight happens. The fight consists of three challenges. Despite an injured hand, Kalle wins.

In 1970, the story was adapted into a German children’s television series by the Augsburger Puppenkiste marionette theater company.

Source:Tehran Times