During the performance entitled ''Adamvand'', the group, which is mostly famous fot its physical theater performances, took a symbolic arrow belonging to the legendary Persian character Arash the Archer and a sculpture of a boulder of Sisyphus, a figure from Greek mythology, to perform the final act at the summit on the birthday of Cyrus the Great.

In an Instagram post, Yasser Khaseb, the director and the sole actor of the play, said that the performance featured a blend of the legend of Arash the Archer and the myth of Sisyphus.

The legend of Arash the Archer has it that Arash, having the swiftest arrow among the Aryans. shot an arrow from the peak of Damavand, Iran's highest peak, to mark the border of Iran and Turan after the long-lasting war between the two countries.

The arrow fell on the band of the River Oxus in what is now Central Asia. Arash, who had pulled his bowstring with all his strength, collapsed to the ground on Mount Damavand and passed away.

Baded on Greek mythology, Sisyphus was king og Corinth and became infamous for his general trickery and having twice cheated death. He ultimately hot his comeuppance when Zeus decreed upon him the eternal punishment of perpetually rolling a boulder uphill in the depths of Hades.

Rehearsals for ''Adamvand'' began in spring as a white boulder was sculpted from lightweight materrials to allow the group to carry it up the mount, Khaseb said.

The boulder-like object was taken to Azadi Squre and the courtyard of the City Theater Complex in Tehran, where the group asked daily passers by to inscribe their wishes, favorite poems, etc. on the object.

It was also taken to the pulic square in Amol, the northern Iranian town considered to be Arash's birthplace. People of the town also wrote their messages upon it.

The group then left the town with the object and an arrow, and headed towards Mount Damavane.

Aziz Aria, an experienced mountain guide, along with members of his family joined the group at the foot of the peak.

''I assumed that God alone would be the sole member of the audience for the performance during the climb up the mountain,'' Khaseb said, ''However, we met many spirited climbers who made 'Adamvand' into one of my most-viewed performances.''

Khaseb performed the final stage of “Adamvand” by rolling the boulder-like object up to the summit of Damavand to allow the wind to carry Iranians’ wishes for peace around the world.   

“According to legend, Arash the Archer shot an arrow to mark the border between Iran and Turan, but the performance was staged to soften the boundaries between people; to let them live together with different wishes, hopes and loves,” Khaseb said.

“Sky Wall”, “Mud”, “Mysterious Gift” and “Mud Face” are among the credits of the troupe.

Source:Tehran Times