Speaking on Saturday at the opening of the 10th meeting of cultural attachés of the Islamic Republic held at the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization (ICRO), Raeisi said that there is no doubt about the authenticity of the message and culture of the Islamic Revolution.

The meeting will run until July 28, according to president.ir.

Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili and Head of ICRO Mohammad-Mehdi Imanipour were also present at the meeting.

The president listed “transformation in approaches, processes and organizations” as three important factors in reaching a favorable situation in the field of foreign communications. “Sometimes faulty processes cause delays and interruptions in major works, which should be controlled by careful monitoring of processes”.

Raeisi said that it is possible to create great and effective changes in the field of culture and foreign communications with a transformational perspective, and referring to its requirements, he said, “Cultural attachés must have deep knowledge and belief in the message and mission of the Islamic Revolution”.

Pointing out that having knowledge and education in this field is very important, but the insight and deep understanding of the foundations of the Islamic Revolution is not less than knowledge.

“Some of the failures in various fields are due to the lack of knowledge and insight towards our own culture and being drowned in the culture of foreigners.”

Raeisi further pointed out the conflict between atheism and faith in today’s world, and said, “Today, the Arrogant System is trying to make Islamic societies affected by its atheism and secular culture, make them devoid of faith and the political, social, cultural and economic system of Islam”.

The president added, “Cultural attachés abroad have the duty to create unity not only among the Muslim community but also with the followers of other divine and Abrahamic religions, as well as those who are concerned about ethics and spirituality”.

Emphasizing the need to use the media and introduce Iran’s cultural capacities to other nations, Raeisi pointed out the great capacity of Iranians abroad for effective activism in the field of promoting Islamic culture.

“This great capacity should not be abandoned and with the right support and creating effective communication, each Iranian abroad can be the cultural ambassador of the revolution in their place of residence and help to expand the knowledge about the revolution.”

The president called the role of ambassadors and cultural activists important in the development and progress of countries, and said, “No developed country has developed without the active role of its ambassadors and cultural activists, so it is necessary for our cultural representatives abroad to have a transformational view to follow the development of commercial, economic and cultural development with countries”.

In addition, Esmaeili said that one of the main missions of cultural attachés is to export cultural products.

“We seriously ask these cultural figures to look at the development of the exports of creative and cultural industries.”

One of the priorities of the Iranian government is to expand cooperation with regional countries, the minister said, noting that cultural attachés are responsible for carrying out this mission.

Esmaeili asked these officials to present Iran’s cultural capacities and achievements in the best way possible to familiarize the world with the country’s potentials.

Imanipour said that his organization seeks to create an evolution in Iran’s cultural relations with the world.

He added that the development of Islamic Revolution discourse in other countries requires considerable efforts of cultural attachés.

ICRO managers are of the idea that cultural products and services could be exported in the framework of cultural diplomacy, the ICRO director said, adding that Iran could have entrepreneurship in the cultural field.

He emphasized the necessity of establishing the International Cultural Development Fund and said that fund makes it possible to have cultural management, adding that it is necessary to make cultural connection along with economic developments because cultural diplomacy has a direct impact on the country’s economy.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the first exhibition of exports-based cultural products also opened at the ICRO and will run through July 28.

The exhibition features the works of over 80 scientific and cultural institutes making cultural products.


Source: Iran Daily