This book explores the question of how and to what extent Abulfazl Rashid al-Din Meibdi benefited from the stories he shared in his book, Kashf al-Asrar.

The key plot points of this book are introduced in the opening chapter by Farideh Davoudi Moghadam, who also explains some of them, including the axis of love and analysis of Meibudi's literary elements in the Quran translation.

The second chapter of "Dew and the Sea" discusses how Kashf al-Asrar's scattered anecdotes failed to leave a lasting impact and distracted the reader.

Davoudi Moghadam categorises Maibdi's stories in the book Kashf al-Asrar into distinct sorts based on the subject, characters, theme, historical course, and so on. Some of the stories, according to the characters, are about prophets such as Abraham, Yusuf, and Job, as well as Prophet Muhammad.

The relationship between man and God, fear, affection, and love are also among the other topics that Davoudi Moghadam discusses.

This book examines the book Kashf al-Asrar, the uncovering of secrets and their sources, and it can demonstrate the value of storytelling and the function it serves in preserving mystical and moral lessons.

Source:Tehran Times