The author of this book is a long-time book journalist with a mechanical engineering bachelor's degree and a theatrical directing master's degree. In this book, he addressed a specific subject and gave narratives in the field of Iran-US ties analysis in a simple manner.

* How did you decide to write about this subject?

I conducted studies and research in several fields, concentrating on various subjects for different lengths of time. After Sardar Soleimani was martyred, I began studying the history between Iran and America, and the outcome of my year-long research is the book that is now available.

* Describe the structural approach you used to write the book.

Three chapters make up the book. The first refers to earlier America. The second chapter discusses how America infiltrated Iran, as well as the revolution and the imposed war. And the final chapter is about the United States after the Trump administration and the country's future. I attempted to write the book in a way that everybody could comprehend, and sociology and philosophy were both stated in a straightforward manner.

* Why did you choose a political topic when your professional and educational backgrounds are unrelated to politics?

Every person, in my opinion, must make a decision at some point in their lives, and no matter how much they may attempt to avoid it, they must eventually engage in politics. Although I continue to work in theater, I felt compelled to speak out and take action in the wake of Sardar Soleimani's assassination. The book "The Story of the Lion and the Eagle" is the result of my investigation after feeling that I could not remain silent.

* How much do these political ties need to be looked at?

I'm currently reading "Rise and Kill First," a book about the formation of Israeli intelligence agencies and the history of assassinations. Ronen Bergman, an Israeli journalist, is the author of this book. In the introduction, the book's translator made a good point about how important it is for us to read works by Israeli authors in order to come to know them. Knowing this opponent existed was another reason for me to write my book. I made a real effort to cover all aspects of this topic in my book and avoid writing in a way that would incite wrath or prejudice in the reader.

Source:Tehran Times