The book is from the series “Perspectives on Modern World History”, which provides multiple views of momentous events in recent history.

Each book helps readers develop critical thinking skills, increase global awareness, and enhance their understanding of international perspectives about historic events.

This title explores the events of the Bolshevik Revolution, issues surrounding Bolshevik support or oppression of the working class, and the impact of Bolshevism on Russia and the world.

Personal narratives from prople who experienced the revolution are included, Using primary and secondary sources, each volume provides background information on a significant event in modern world history, presents the controversies surrounding the event, and offers first-person narrativees from people.

Narratives include the words of none-other-than Nikolai Podvoisky, a key leader of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, where he describes their takeover of the Winter Palace.

In another compelling personal essay, an American-born Russian princess describes her escape from Bolshevik violence.

Engdahl is the author of eleven science fiction novels, six of which, including the Newbery Honor book ''Enchantress from the stars'', are YA books also enjoyed by many adults.

Although she is best known as an author for young adults, her most recent novels, the Hidden Flame duology (''Stewards of the Flame'' and ''Promise of the Flame'') and the Rising Flame trilogy (''Defender of the Flame'', ''Herald of the Flame'' and ''Envoy of the Flame''),are adult science fiction and are not appropriate for readers below high school age.

She has also written a nonfiction book, ''The Planet-Girded Suns: The long History of Belief in Exoplanets'', updated and expanded paperback and ebook editions of which were published in 2012, and three collections of her essays.

Most of the nonfiction books listed under her name were edited, rather than written, by her as a freelance editor of anthologies for high schools.

Source:Tehran Times