The most significant feature of the book is the  hopefu perspective on war's bitterness and the avoidance of despair, wich has clouded the entire structure of the story.

The audiobook of "The Night of Ayub" has also been released by Samava, an audiobook publisher, featuring the voice of "Masoud Foroutan," and actor and speaker.

Massoud Foroutan stated about his conception of twins with the book "The Night of Ayub" that during reading the book, he felt as if he was the main character of the story, "There were times during the process that I cried, and moments that had a lasting impression on me, I was born, raised, and worked in this country, I lived through the revolution and the war, and I love the people of my country, when these people are sufferingm, I feel it too, I cried reading this book because the author sewed the seeds of kindness in my head" he said

''I'm a reader who knows how to get the most out of a book, One of the factors that aided my career in this profession was radio, which was the first king of mekia to come our house and teach us how to listen to stories. Sadly, Today's smartphone has put an end to a lot of things like books, so we need to get our children in the habit of reading books at night! But unfortunately, we don't, " foroutan added.

Source:Tehran Times