Ali Ramezani, who is also the director of Iran’s Books and Literature House, added that the sum is the total of online and in-person sales. A number of customers paid in cash or used their debit cards, he said, if these amounts are added, the sales will surpass $7.1 million.

The call center of the exhibition recorded 48,000 calls, of which 38,000 were incoming and 10,000 were outgoing, Ramezani added.

Based on customer’s opinions on telephone service, 84 percent were satisfied with the responses to their calls, and five percent were fairly satisfied.

The 33rd edition of the exhibition ran from May 11 to 21.

The exhibition hosted 170 foreign and 1,700 domestic publishers.

Publishers represented were from Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Spain, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Russia, Tunisia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, and Mexico.

Qatar, the host of World Cup 2022, was selected as the guest of honor at the 33rd TIBF.


Source: Iran Daily