Knut Reinhardt, a German sculptor, said in a symbolic ceremony of donating the bust that there is a need to introduce both renowned figures of international history of literature to the world public truly and perfectly. 

Pointing to the fact that the bust has been transferred from Frankfurt, the birthplace of Goethe, to Shiraz, the birthplace of Hafez, he noted that the sculptor has tried to make a sculpture of Goethe and create a symbolic trip to connect Hafez and Goethe, because the travel never happened during their life time, while the German poet admired his Iranian counterpart obviously.

As to the importance of Iran in the eyes of German people, the German artist said that he visited several areas in Iran and got acquainted with Iranian culture, and that Iranians are educated people and Europeans can learn some traditional and cultural issues such as hospitality from the great nation.

Moayed Mohsennejad, head of General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Fars Province, said that the general directorate is constructing museum of fame and regional museum in vicinity of Hafez’s mausoleum.

The Iranian official added that the provincial office plans to install statues of national and international prominent figures in the museum of fame.

On the occasion of Shiraz Day, bust of a renowned and internationally-recognized poet (Goethe) has been unveiled, he said, adding that the German poet followed Hafez.

Ordibehesht 15 (May 5) has been designated as the Shiraz Day in Iranian calendar; thus, Shiraz municipality holds special programs in this day every year.


Source: Irna