No matter how much the literature changes, the time-traveling method will remain interesting. Time-traveling is one of the subcategories of science fiction literature, and many books have been written based on this method, there are also many great movies based on time traveling. This book also has the same story. It is about a child who goes back in time to see the past of his family; to the days when his mother was still a child, and he met his grandparents when they were young, but the whole journey is a dream that the main character has when he got electrocuted.

The remarkable point in this story is the time he traveled to, which is 3 months before the Islamic revolution. He has heard many stories from his mother about this time, the martyrdom of his uncle in the revolution and the martyrdom of his grandfather in the imposed war, but he wants to change these events now in his trip to the past but our teenage character is not effective enough as we expected.

Some things that make this story believable are the presence of the character in the past, his reactions considering that he is still a child and even his verbal mistakes! Like when his grandmother asked the name of his school and he said Martyr Motahhar while Morteza Motahhari had not been martyred at that time! 

This 60-page book has a simple but attractive language that makes you read it all in a day.

Source:Tehran Times