The poet, writer, literary critic and visual arts artist, who has just finished writing the book "Funny Times", told HonarOnline: This work contains humorous notes on time, existence, individual and collective life. "Funny Times" is a continuation of the book "Boundless Jokes" that I have shared on my site for those who are interested to use it for free. 

Maybe this book will be published on the site due to censorship and publishing problems. I have not made a decision in this regard yet. That's enough that nearly 4,000 people have paid attention to the book "Boundless Jokes". What matters is my desire to connect with the audience. I was always eager to reach out to more of my fellow speakers. In recent years, he has mostly written poetry and written short satires, he continued "Poetry does not leave me alone and is often with me. I have a collection of more than 70 pages written under the title «Explosion of Horizon». Contains poems whose themes have grown and existed themselves and have been presented to my mind."

 Explaining that in any case, a person who is 60-70 years old says poetry, whether he likes it or not, poetry becomes a part of his life and it is inevitable.

 Noting how many books he has to deliver to the publisher, he said: I had a long conversation with Ali Shoroughi, which has been published for nearly two thousand pages. Part of my personal life and part of my memories of the elders. Of course, there are parts of that book that are about my novel writing skills. 

Explaining that he is publishing the book "Standing by the Unseen" in Gouya Publishing, he added: The book contains a detailed dialogue in which I answered the questions posed by the literary group "Tuesday". It's somehow related to the poetry and literary themes of the seventies and eighties. In the group, we came to the conclusion that the questions that are being asked are scattered, and we came to ask and answer precise related questions. For example, the definition of poetry, image, linguistics, concept, imagination and thinking in poetry. So that when the reader reads the dialogue, he acquires knowledge and information from the field of poetry and knows how people looked and thought about their profession in the field of poetry. All members of the "Tuesday" literary group were supposed to answer these questions, but since Mohammad Mokhtari was the designer of the questions, he answered and published his book. After a while, my book was published, but it was not seen that it would be republished after many years. 

Mojabi has also written several books on painting.