Hossein-Ali Sabzeh said that 12 books, which were compiled by the Saadi Foundation, were warmly received at the fair because they were on Persian language education and boosting speaking, writing and listening skills of Persian language learners.

Sabzeh added that the exhibition is a great opportunity for Persian language courses and education.

He proposed that we can have greater books with the cooperation of Iran’s Embassy in Iraq and University of Sulaimani in which there is a Persian language major in its syllabus.

The linguistic, cultural and civilizational commonalities of the people of Iraq and Iran, as well as the interest of the people of Sulaymaniyah in the Persian language and literature, made the pavilion and books of Iran, as well as Iranian culture and language, very popular in this exhibition, the executive added.

Touching upon the meeting held with Mohammadreza Bayrami, who won Iran’s Book of the Year Award, at Halabja University, Sabzeh said that the students of this university are enthusiastic on reading Persian language education and contemporary literature.

Iran participated in the book fair with more than 800 books in various fields such as classic and contemporary literature, resistance literature, Sacred Defense, poetry, and Iranology.

Introducing new books, organizing meetings between Persian students of Sulaymaniyah universities with prominent Iranians writers, holding joint meetings with writers from Sulaymaniyah, consultations with publishers to exchange books, introduction of the Iranian English-language publication industry, promotion of Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), inviting foreign publishers to attend the TIBF, introducing the sponsored projects of Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, among others were the main programs of Iran in the Iraqi book fair.

Over 300,000 books from school curricula and scientific books to fiction and non-fiction texts, were on display at the fair this year.

The fair opened on November 18 and ended on November 27.

Source: Iran Daily