Iran’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili underlined the expansion of bilateral interactions in various cultural fields with countries in the region.

He made the statement in a meeting with Tajikistan's Ambassador to Tehran Nizomiddin Zohidi on Monday.

The fact that Iran and Tajikistan speak the same language shows the depth of cultural commonalities between the two nations, the minister said, adding that Iranian nation and government consider Tajikistan as a friend and neighbor.

The policy of the 13th administration in Iran is to expand interactions with the regional countries, the Persian-speaking countries and Central Asia, the minister noted.

The minister voiced his support for holding Tajikistan’s Cultural Week in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

The ministry intends to expand ties especially in fields of film, music, visual arts, drama and literature, Esmaeili said.

Esmaeili put great emphasis on the revival of bilateral ties in various fields and added, “The two nations can hold programs for Norouz, as a historical and common heritage of all Persian-speaking countries. Such programs help the peoples of the two countries benefit more from the opportunity of common language and common cultural affiliations.”

Referring to the cultural commonalities between the two countries, Zohidi expressed his hope that cooperation between them will enter a new phase.

The Tajik ambassador called for holding Tajikistan’s Cultural Week in Tehran in the form of poetry nights, film screenings, performances, and music, noting that holding such events in Tehran will properly pave the ground for the development of cultural relations.

 Source: Iran Daily