Two sets of stories, Three story books and adult novel of "Jack London Train" will be published.

Farhad Hassanzadeh, a writer and satirist of children's and adolescent literature, explained about his recent books to HonarOnline that he is publishing a collection of "clever stories" and said: This collection consists of five story books entitled "The beautiful Mr. Giant", “the Storyteller Dracula ", "Junk foodie grandpas", "Cute Hapouli" and "Flying Donkey". The books are illustrated by Bahar Akhavan.

He went on to say that in the "Smart Stories" series, I indirectly teach life skills to children in the form of stories and continued: Of course, I do not quite agree with the word "education" and I think the story should be inherently entertaining and enjoyable for the audience; But in my approach to these stories, I tried to introduce the children to a range of life and social skills.

Hassanzadeh, who submitted the book "A Very Important Work" to Touti Publishing, affiliated with Fatemi Publications, added: This work is suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years. The story is about the confrontation and friendship of a mouse and a snake. The mouse is supposed to do a very important job, but a snake gets in its way, which leads the mouse to events. Samaneh Rahbarnia is also the illustrator of the book.

Explaining that the fourth volume of the "Koti Koti Stories" collection is also published by the Children and Adolescents' Intellectual Development Center, he clarified: “Dinner gets Cold Koti Koti", "Don't get Cold Koti Koti" and "Shake the World Koti Koti" were published earlier. The fourth volume is called "Fly Koti Koti" and is waiting for Hoda Haddadi's illustration. The main character is a mischievous and funny millipede child who has problems in the society in which he lives due to having millipedes. This collection has a humorous, fun approach and each book contains several short stories. 

Hassanzadeh, who is publishing the book "Bang Bang Bang" in Cheshmeh Publishing, said: "The theme of this story is peace." A father buys a toy gun for his child's birthday while the child is not interested in the gun, as if the father bought the gift for himself and starts playing with the gun. Parvin Heydari is the illustrator of this story.

Explaining that the adult novel "Jack London Train" is being edited and will be published by Ofogh Publishing, he added: The theme and approach of the novel is war and it recounts life in the early months of the war in the city of Abadan. The story of a family that, with the war beginnings, issues arise for them and their lives change.