The festival was held in both virtual and in-person formats from October 22 to 24 in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

The program of the One Take Film Festival consists solely of films shot in one take, without any editing. A “take” is defined technically as the footage made between turning the camera on and turning the camera off. The footage must not be edited in any way other than trimming at the beginning and the end, the festival’s website wrote.

‘Havaji,’ which is Fereydouni’s first directing experience, has a social story and was shot in Nowshahr, in Iran’s northern province of Mazandaran.

The three-member jury consisting of director and last year’s winner Lendita Zequiraj (Kosovo), producer Irena Marković (Croatia) and director David Lušičić (Croatia) evaluated the participating films.

The jury members stated: “The jury has unanimously decided to give the best film award to the short film, ‘Havaji,’ in which parallel stories intertwine within a single shot. The film invites us for slices of its characters’ lives by going to the core of human relationships in a patriarchal society, where the script takes the lives of real people almost verbatim, presenting the struggle with rules and the ways of breaking them with subtlety and rawness all at once. The attention to detail and the attentive directing make this one take an outstanding cinematic achievement.”

Amirhossein Asefi, Sonia Faryal, Elaheh Farazmand, Zahra Aqapour, Elham Gholami are among the film’s cast.


Source: Iran Daily