Having been introduced in the Sacred Defense Week, which started on September 22, the project, ‘Keep Me in Mind’, will see 650 titles on the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq go on display at exhibitions until February 11, 2022, the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, IRNA quoted Ali-Asghar Ja’fari as saying.

“The books have been mostly published in the past three years,” said Ja’fari, adding, “A number of 4,445 books on ‘The Sacred Defense’ has been published by 750 publishing companies – 70 of which will showcase their books.”

Ja’fari also said that ‘Sacred Defense’ books have accounted for 19.5 percent of the total titles published in country over the past five years, up by eight percent compared to the years before.

“Iranian readers have shown great interest in the books in recent years, most notably the novels inspired by the eight-year war,” added Ja’fari.

He added that 70 book fairs opened in the Iranian capital during Sacred Defense Week.

Ja’fari also said some 100 titles on the topic will be unveiled in the country within next few days.

“The Comprehensive System of the Sacred Defense Library is also to be launched within the next two weeks. All of the public libraries in the country have joined the system,” Ja’fari said.

Source: Iran Daily