The book, written by Jamal Rahmati, is the fifth in a series of ‘Century’ books published by Elmi-Farhangi Publications, which has also looked into the history of writing, painting, photography, and graphics in Tehran.

“Cartoon and caricature are the new-age forms of art, created centuries after other types of visual arts had been established,” reads the back cover of the book.

“No one imagined that when late Tabriz-based painter Azim Azimzadeh founded the art of caricature in Iran, the country would become one of the major hubs for the art in the word a century later.”

The book also describes Tehran as the home to press and exhibitions – two significant platforms for the cartoons – in Iran over the years.

The 49-year-old author is a graphic graduate from the College of Fine Arts in the University of Tehran.

A winner of numerous global prizes, Rahmati has worked as a cartoonist with a number of Iranian newspapers, such as Hamshahri, Sharq, Iran, Farda, and Etemad throughout his career.

Source: Iran Daily